origami microscope

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origami microscope

Unread postby jeepingben » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:48 am


I don't see any CAD files posted for this, but there is a picture of a CAD file that might be able to be imported to inkscape etc and cleaned up for cutting.

The materials list is quite short:

polypropylene sheets (Press Sense 10mil Duropro);
(Is there a local source for comparable material?)

a 140X low-mag lens (Winsted Precision Ball 2.4mm borosilicate ball, P/N 3200940F1ZZ00A0) or a 2,180X
high-mag lens (Swiss Jewel Co. 0.2mm sapphire ball lens);
a 3V CR2016 button cell
(Sanyo CR2016-TT1B #8565 from Batteriesandbutter.com);
a white LED (Avago ASMT
CW40 from Mouser.com);
an electrical slider switch ("Off/On MINI SMD Switch" from
and copper tape (Sparkfun P/N 76555A648).

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